Friday, 9 January 2015

Beauty confessions

'These are my confessions, just when I said all I could say... If I'm gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all'.

By way of introduction, below are 10 beauty thoughts, fails and confessions which I wish to share. 

1. I struggle to spot the difference  between a warm tone and a cool toned shade.

2. I feel a great sense of achievement when I eventually 'hit pan' on a product. 

3. Liquid eyeliner: the one thing that can reduce me to a shaking, nervous wreck in a matter of seconds.

4. I've wasted many a hour googling lipstick swatches online.

5. Skipping the weekly make up brush wash is a regular thing. 

6. While I think I've followed a smoky eye tutorial to the T, the end result is usually more Kung fu Panda than Kardashian glam.

7. I have self-diagnosed partly dehydrated skin, but don't really understand what this means.

8. Frequent 
product packaging hoarding.

9. Reading blogs has sparked an irrational
fear of face wipes.

10. My basket is forever 'saved' on almost every online beauty site, just in case that lottery win comes through. 

They say honesty is the best policy so I now consider my beauty slate wiped clean.  

I do hope that by taking the plunge and starting a blog of my own I can work on my makeup and skincare shortcomings and share each encounter along the way. I also plan to blog about careers, travel and honouring my new year's resolution to work on my health and fitness.

I will refrain from quoting Usher lyrics in future posts unless absolutely necessary.

Peace out, A-town,

Elisha x